Challenging Thought – Lonely and Disabled

Many disabled individuals feel lonely, isolated and marginalized…
Changing this reality takes an awareness and desire to strive for an innate equality for all people regardless the limitations. And, when you really think about it, we all have abilities and disabilities that may be hidden or visible.

In my profession I was fortunate to have many opportunities to learn from those who were physically, emotionally and mentally challenged. I experienced many individuals who shared and educated me in ways I didn’t think possible. I learned to laugh more, became aware of how we are far more alike than different and share in the human experience with a more open, kinder and gentler presence. Loneliness was greatly reduced, friendships forged and the quality of life improved vastly for all who connected with this inclusive attitude.

So this challenge I offer to you…

The next time the opportunity to connect with those who are different, whether it be a disability or any other perceived limitations or stereotype, challenge your immediate expectations. We can break down barriers, feel healthier as a society and reduce loneliness and marginalization to those who have been stigmatized and discarded as too different, limited or incapable to be worthy of our friendships. They deserve no less and you might be truly delighted to realize we have more in common than any dividing differences.

Best Wishes, Richard

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