Loneliness in the World - George Grie 
Loneliness with the World – George Grie 2009
Title:  Loneliness with the World
Description: This is not a digital artwork; it is the last oil and canvas painting I made. I have decided to include this image into the “digital media” exhibition as a tribute to all my previous fine-art experiments. I would not say that I will never return to paining and drawing, who knows, but I’m quite happy with what I’m doing now so far. George Grie

Fine Art Drawing

Loneliness -T.E. Turner, 1999
Title:  ”Loneliness” Pencil drawing of elderly women. T.E. Turner - 1999
The Art of Fine Photography

Loneliness - alexandre Buisse
Loneliness – Alexandre Buisse

Title: ” Loneliness”- Walking away on the sand dunes of Oregon.  Alexandre Buisse – July 2008